Track Time Sponsor

Greenlight have been providing specialist Insurance products to performance and modified vehicle owners since 1996, the policies they arrange offer relevant policy cover features such as like for like replacement of after market modifications and optional track cover.

Finding the right cover for your vehicle can be a chore, but Greenlight have a proven pedigree for doing this and doing it well for a long time now. Most of their team own and run performance and modified vehicles, meaning they're easy to talk to and have a strong technical understanding of performance vehicle models, as well as the merit and impact for vehicle upgrades and modifications.  

They're not afraid of vehicle upgrades and modifications, they also offer preferential rates to drivers with relevant driving experience or longer term ownership of their vehicle. The products they arrange reward lower mileage use, with further discounts for multi-vehicle owners and providing your driving record is good can also mirror their equivalent percentage discount for no claims bonus you have earned upon your first vehicle to other cars you own.